Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DCNY For Bargain Hunters!

It's that time of year again, and DCNY has a few goodies for every girl on the grid. Stop by the Store to see our latest Dollarbie Gift (The 2010 Holiday Dress), another great little Dollarbie (Striped Stockings and Fingerless Gloves in 3 colors), NEW Lucky Chair Prize (Belle Red Dress) and a great NEW Midnight Mania item (Laura Black Sweater). Get these items while you still can, have a wonderful holiday!

DCNY Clothing Co. Holiday Dollarbie!

It's Some Holiday Gorgeousness from DCNY, we know you will not be able to resist this beautiful Holiday Dress - with pale icy blue corset and feathered tutu skirt - it moves like a dream! Get it now for only $1 L - yep, this is our Holiday Dollarbie. Enjoy!

NEW @ DCNY : Knit Jacket

Visit DCNY Clothing Co. today for another great new seasonal item, a comfy knit jacket in 6 great color combinations- beautifully sculpted and great to wear over your other DCNY Favorites. Have a Happy Holiday!

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NEW @ DCNY: Scandinavian Poncho

New out at DCNY Clothing Co., the Scandinavian Poncho - Sculpted and tasseled, this great Winter cover up will have you feeling warm and cozy no matter where you play in SL. Available in 6 shades, group members for 7 days or more at the time of purchase, can buy the green version for only $50 L - So join up today!