Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter One-Of-A-Kind Winners!

Congratulations and Thank you to all of you who have shopped at DCNY during the ✲ Winter One-Of-A-Kind Giveaway ✲ entry period!

We are happy to announce the contest winners:


Winner of the One-Of-A-Kind Seren Gown in Silver - Isabella Wikifoo.



5 Winners of our Regular Seren Gowns, one in each available color:

Ocean - Luana Rasmuson

Golden - PinkCherry Martini

Peach - Topaz Tomsen

Pink - Jenna Jeffries

Purple - Miakoda Foxclaw

Winners will be sent their prizes within the next 24 Hours!

The Seren Gowns are still available for purchase at DCNY!

✲ New Releases and a Group Only GIFT coming Tomorrow!! ✲

Visit the DCNY Main Store !

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