Friday, July 9, 2010

DCNY Summer Mash-Up 1 - Go Get It!

DCNY Clothing Co.'s first limited edition Summer Mash-Up freebie will be available today at our ICON Lifestyle II store in the Iconically Sexy Fashion District. The outfit will be set out after the Summer Fashion Showcase taking place this afternoon at 2 PM slt, and will remain out until Sunday evening.

You can get to today's show here.

The first Mash-Up combines the very cute Anni Top (in Red) with our classic DCNY Basic Jeans (also in Red). It will only be available as a set as part of this FREE GIFT, so be sure to attend the Fashion Show and check out the great shops of Iconically Sexy! Our gift will be located in our shop, over here.

Have a great weekend, stay tuned for our next exciting Mash-Up location soon!

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